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What Is A Traffic Exchange?

Visiting us for the first time? Don't understand what a Traffic Exchange is? Then click on the link below to find out more...Traffic Exchange-101

~Website Promotion With A Twist~

The Mystical Maze
A Unique Concept to the Traffic Exchange Industry. Designed to take the boring and sometimes tedious aspect out of our everyday advertising. One of the Easiest, Efficient, and Most Affordable Methods of Driving Traffic to your Website Today! Whether you're new to Internet Marketing, looking to start a Home Business, are a experienced Entrepreneur, have a Niche Marketing site, or just want to show off your cherished personal site, then you have come to the right place.

What's So Unique?
We Were The First Traffic Exchange- to implement a system where by the member views 10 member sites, thus getting one chance to play in the maze. Not only do you get your website seen in exchange for viewing another members, but you get a chance to earn additional credits, banner impressions, and earn cash depending on your membership level, by playing the Mystical Maze. It keeps the members coming back for more...

Surfing? Open Our Site in New Window

Advantages and Benefits

Quality Advertising and Dedicated Support

High Level Security- built right into the surf bar. Preventing people from using special software to cheat you out of your hard earned advertising. We Monitor our Exchange to assure you have a Safe, Secure, and Enjoyable surfing experience. If you have any Questions or Concerns, you can rest assured, that we answer all our emails within 24 hours. As a matter of fact, we really enjoy hearing from our members!
Live Help Center- Look for the Icon saying, "Online", and if it says, "offline" then you may send a support ticket.

3 -Membership Levels to Choose From

Free Membership Level:
Free- Designed for the Internet Marketer, or individual with little or no budget for advertising at a 2:1 surfing ratio. For very 3 sites you view, your site will be shown 1 time to other members on the site. Earn Extra Credits for Referrals Surfing- 10% on 3-levels! Ad free Rotator included: Promote 10 Website URL's as a free member. It's a great way to advertise your Business or Personal Website's!

PRO Membership Level:
Pro- This Level Offers an Advantage Over the Free Membership. Each month you start out with 350 Surfing Credits, 2500 Banner Impressions, and a 2:1 surfing ratio. Earn Extra Credits for Referrals Surfing- 15% on 3-levels! Ad free Rotator included: Promote 15 Website URL's as a Pro member. The Maze Rewards a Higher Percentage of Credits and Banner Impressions, than the free membership.

Executive Membership Level:
Exec- A Cut Above the Rest! This is by far our largest selling package. Every month you receive an Amazing 1000 Surfing Credits, 10,000 Banner Impressions, and a 1:1 surfing ratio. Earn Extra Credits for Referrals Surfing- 20% on 3-levels! Ad free Rotator included: Promote Unlimited Website's as a Executive member. The Maze Rewards a Higher Percentage of Credits and Banner Impressions, than the Pro members. Receive Random Referrals.

The New Referral Page Builder

Executive Member Exclusive: Build your own unique referral page using pre-made graphics and text. A powerful tool for building downlines and earning commissions.

Ad Free Rotator for Your Websites

An Effective Tool for any Business. Runs Invisibly in the Background. No Intrusive Ads. Hit Tracking. Advertise multiple website Url's, without anyone knowing. Easy to Set Up- Just add your first website Url, click SAVE, wait for your site to be approved, and once its approved click on the button to assign credits, and add another! It's That Easy!

Rotator for Banner Advertising

Banner Advertising- Banners are an alternate method of advertising. You see them everywhere! Yahoo, Msn, Aol, and many other well known sites still use them. Why? Because they work! While it might not be the best form of advertising, its an excellent way to brand your business.

MysticalMaze Conference Room

We added a Conference Room. Excellent tool for Training, Support, or just getting to know the other members. It's voice or text capable, so you can actually talk to other members. If you have speakers plugged into your computer then your all set to go. If you have a Mic, then that's even better.

Maze News & Updates

We have an Exclusive & Informational Newsletter (usually bi-weekly). Keeping our members up-to-date on all the New Updates and Changes as they occur! Topics also include, but are not limited to: Motivation, Traffic Tips, Special Offers, Contests, and more... We also offer our members (limited) ad space, which can be purchased with credits- easily accumulated with your maze earnings. Our Newsletter's are Archived, so not only can you see the many changes our site has gone through, but you can bookmark your favorite articles.

Join Now & Have Fun Working


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